I feel like this should go without saying, but I am just going to say it anyways for the sake of avoiding a conflict in the future. These are not true of all Muslims. However, some Muslims will make these claims, and they need to be addressed.

1.) We are Polytheistic

This misconception comes from our belief in the Trinity. Muslims believe that when we say that there is one God but three Persons, we are really saying that we worship three distinct beings that are divine, but not in the same way.

2.) We do not Respect our Bibles

In Islam there is a very specific way that you are supposed to treat the Quran, and it is a sin to break this code. Many Muslims think that since we will just toss our Bibles on our bed, or put it under another stack of books, we are disrespecting the Bible.

This could not be farther from the truth. Christians respect the Word of God. But the Word is not the book. The Word is transcendent past space and time. The Word of God was there since the Beginning and will be there until the End of Days. The book that displays the Word is just that, a book and holds no actual value when compared to the Word written therein.

3.) That we are “Lawless”

Many Muslims look at how Christians believe that Christ freed us from the Law and believe that we think we can live however we want. However, God makes it very clear through His Word that by us living righteous lives, we will know that we are saved, and that good works are the joyous fruit that is brought forth by our faith in Christ

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