Talking to Muslims can be challenging if you don’t understand some of their core beliefs. Here are 5 things you should know when you talk to Muslims!

1) Islam condemns asking questions.

Surah al-Maa’idah 5:101 says that you should not ask questions about things that Allah had not revealed.

However, there are multiple times in the Quran where someone questions Mohammad about something that Allah had not revealed. Then, Allah revealed to Mohammad that Mohammad was correct in the argument and that the people who questioned him were wrong. Hmmmmm.

2) If they convert they will probably lose their family.

Apostasy is one of the greatest sins that someone can commit, so if someone leaves Islam, their Muslim family members treat them like complete strangers. There are many incredibly sad stories about these situations and there are missionaries who will testify that some Muslims will not leave their faith because of how it would affect their family.

Keep in mind this is not the case for every Muslim, but it is very common.

3) Some Muslims have not read the Quran.

In order to actually read the Quran, one must read it in Arabic. So if the Muslim that you are conversing with is not fluent in Arabic, then they have not read the Quran according to Muslim scholars.

4) Muslims revere their version of Jesus.

Islam teaches that Jesus was a fantastic person and a Prophet of God, and the Messiah. But what Islam does not teach is that Jesus is God. This is one of the greatest obstacles that you will have to overcome in your efforts to reach Muslims.

5) Not all Muslims are Terrorists.

This is obvious, but it is very important that we keep this idea at the front of our minds. Chances are that, if you are talking with a Muslim in the Western or Eastern World, they have no ties to any extremist group and it would be incredibly offensive to assume that they were, and this would greatly hurt your apologetic efforts.

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