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2020 Christian Apologist March Madness Tournament

In a now annual tradition, I place the top 256 Christian Apologists head to head in a March Madness Competition. This competition is open to all Apologists. The goal of this competition is to glorify God by promoting Apologetics, and having a little bit of fun at the same time!

Note for Apologists: Please feel free to promote this tournament as much or as little as you wish. The goal of this tournament is to glorify God by promoting Apologetics and to have fun. These things happen the most when people create fun promotions to try to get people to vote for them, but please feel no pressure to do so. There is no expectation for you to do so, though it is encouraged!

Note for Everyone Else: I hope you enjoy this tournament and connect with new Apologists you haven’t heard of before!

Click this link to see the full bracket.

Tournament Schedule

Round of 256: February 28th through March 7th

Round of 128: March 8th through March 15th

Round of 64: March 16th through March 19th

Round of 32: March 20th through March 23rd

Sweet 16: March 24th through March 27th

Elite 8: March 28th through March 30th

Final 4: March 31st and April 1st

Championship: April 3rd

Also of note, the consolation dates are to be determined.