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2021 Christian Apologist March Madness Tournament

Welcome to the webpage for the 2021 Christian Apologist March Madness Tournament. Please remember, we aren’t here to find the “best” or “smartest” apologist, but rather to promote apologists from all around the world, and to have some fun doing so. Here is a brief rundown of the tournament.

2021 Bracket.

2021 Play-In Bracket.

Record Book

Who is involved? 256 Apologists will qualify for this tournament through an extensive process lasting from April 2020 – February 2021. The qualifiers take place on my secondary Twitter account! Qualifying is open to all Christian Apologists, regardless of if they are professionals, amateurs, or anything else in between!

What is this tournament? In this tournament, we put 256 Christian Apologists head to head. This tournament is a single-elimination tournament which will continue until there is a champion. There is also a consolation bracket that will recognize Apologists who finish from 3rd-16th place!

Where will this tournament take place? Voting will occur on my main Twitter account for the duration of the tournament. The consolation bracket and qualifiers for the 2021 tournament occurs on my secondary Twitter account.

When will this tournament take place? From February 14th to April 4th.

Why does this tournament exist? This is NOT a tournament with the goal to find the best or most popular Apologist. This tournament exists to glorify God through the promotion of Apologetics through and fun competition. My hope is to raise awareness for Christians working in fields such as Philosophy, Theology, Biblical Studies, and more! Throughout the month of the tournament, I hope that many people find Apologists that they have never heard of before.

How can I be involved? You can be involved in several ways. This includes voting, following new Apologists, and praying for others to connect with Apologists as well! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I will try to respond promptly. Also, if you are able, you can support this ministry to help keep things like this going, but please feel no pressure to do so!

How the Qualifying Rankings Work: An ELO ranking system has been created, and Apologists are matched up based off their ELO ranking. Then, Apologists gain ranking points for winning matches, and lose ranking points for losing matches. The 256 apologists with the highest ELO rankings will participate in the 2021 tournament. The Apologists will go head to head in a 256 person tournament for the title of Christian Apologist March Madness Champion next March!

2021 Tournament Schedule:

Play-in Quarterfinals: February 12th-15th

Play-in Semifinals: February 16th-17th

Play-in Finals: February 18th-19th

Round of 256: February 27th-March 6th

Round of 128: March 7th-14th

Round of 64: March 15th-18th

Round of 32: March 19th-22nd

Sweet Sixteen: March 23rd-26th

Elite Eight: March 28th-29th

Final Four: March 31st

Championship: April 2nd