The traditional Islamic belief is that Jesus of Nazareth is a Prophet of God, but not the Son of God and he did not die on the cross.

The leading theory to explain why much of the world believes that Jesus was crucified is named the “Theistic Swoon Theory” by Nabeel Qureshi.

This theory states that Jesus did not die on the cross, but merely fell unconscious. After he was placed in the tomb, he was revived within the tomb within the same mortal body.

There are many holes within this theory.

Why then would the disciples preach that Jesus had died on the Cross and was resurrected? The most common answer received from Muslims is that even the disciples were deceived by the “Theistic Swoon.” This is the theory that the disciples thought Jesus died, but when they saw Him walking again they assumed that He had been raised from the dead, so they went out and preached the Death and Ressurection.

Now if Jesus was a “Prophet” as Islam claims, then why did he not correct the teachings of the apostles? He would have had to, because that is the job of a prophet, to guide people away from heresy and towards God.

Perhaps the disciples just started preaching the resurrection after Jesus ascended into heaven? This would have been impossible according to Islam. In order for this to have happened, the disciples would have either not known that Jesus ever died, or they would have meant to intentionally deceive people for their own benefit.

The disciples most certainly did not teach that Jesus was resurrected, and therefore One with God, because there was nothing in it for them, except lives of misery and brutal deaths.

Secondly, the Qu’ran itself states that the disciple of Jesus did not intentionally try to deceive people and bring them away from Allah, because chapter 3, verse 55 of the Qu’ran says that the disciples of Jesus were “uppermost,” meaning that the disciples were some of the godliest men ever. No “uppermost” man would intentionally deceive people and take them away from the ‘true’ religion.

Additionally, all of the apostles became martyrs for their faith, with the exception of John who died in exile.

Jesus died on the Cross and was raised from the dead, just as it is written in the Bible. Let no one convince you otherwise.

For more information. this writing is based very heavily on one of Nabeel Qureshi’s lectures given back in 2012.

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