This is only a semi-serious question but unless it is handled properly it can completely discredit your authority.

There are only two possibilities, that the universe itself is eternal or there is something outside of the universe that is eternal. If you say to an atheist that by definition God is not created they respond with ‘by definition matter is not created’ and you are at an impasse.

However, if you get ahead of it, there has to be something that was eternal. We know that the universe is not eternal because the Big Bang shows that there was a beginning and the fact that the universe’s expansion is accelerating shows that there is no way that the universe could ever come back to a singularity.

Along with the Law of Entropy states that the universe will eventually run out of usable energy should be enough to show that there is no way that the universe is eternal.

This secular model shows that there was nothing, and then the universe exploded out of nothing.

So there had to be an origin point. Something caused the Big Bang, and an eternal all-powerful force makes a lot more sense than saying nothing caused it.

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