Have you ever wish you had more discussion questions for your atheist friend? While spreading the gospel may seem challenging, here are 5 questions that you can ask them about their worldview and hopefully spark a conversation from that. These five questions that can be very challenging to answer, even for some Christians.

1.) Where did the universe come from?

I recently asked this question to students at Penn State University, and I was shocked to find out not many of them had an answer to this question. From a non-believer, I think the most common answer would be the Big Bang. The Big Bang is a great answer to hear because the Big Bang shows the need for an origin of the universe. A second great follow-up question would be “What caused the Big Bang?”. If there was nothing, there would always be nothing. So what caused the Big Bang?

2.) Where do you find your identity?

This is a great question to ask someone when you want to understand what matters to someone. People find their identity in different things, so you will find a variety of answers to this question that can lead to great conversation!

3.) How should we live?

This question is directed at finding the purpose of someone’s life. Most people will say something along the lines of making the world a better place. These are good answers, but a tough follow-up question could go like this: “I understand your point, but what is the purpose of trying to do this if everyone just dies at the end?”. This is a hard question but is a good question to ask someone with an atheistic worldview.

4.) Where does your morality come from?

This question is pretty self-explanatory. If someone does not mention a religious text or divine influence, a great follow-up question is to ask them about how they would engage in conversation with someone who disagrees with them on a moral conflict. This should bring up a great conversation.

5.) Where will you go when you die?

This is a great final question to discuss the most important topic: destiny. To most people, destiny is perhaps the most important part of their worldview, and when we die this is the most important question to ask.

I hope and pray these questions can help you to have a great discussion with your family members, and help bring to light the joy of the Christmas season.

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