The universe that we all live in is simply amazing. The universe is simply put, huge. The universes size shows the power of the creator and the universes fine-tuning show how intelligent that creator is. There are so many factors that had to be just right for the universe to come into being naturally. So many of these factors, that the odds are beyond astronomical for a natural universe. Here are some of the numerous factors that control our universe:

1.) Strong Nuclear Force

If the strong nuclear force was even a little bit more powerful, no hydrogen would have come into existence after the Big Bang. Hydrogen is an essential factor for life, so no hydrogen, no life.

2.) Weak Nuclear Force

If the weak nuclear force was any different than what it is, either the universe would not have enough helium to create stars or stars would burn out very quickly and no solar systems would be able to sustain life.

3.) Electromagnetic Force

If the electromagnetic force was either any stronger or weaker, complicated molecules would be unable to form, and therefore no life.

4.) Proton/Neutron Mass

Neutrons weigh slightly more than protons do and because of this, there is a perfect balance in the universes ability to create protons and neutrons. If neutrons slightly heavier, there would not be enough energy for atoms such as oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorus to have been made. If neutrons were slightly lighter, all matter would collapse into black holes. If neutrons were any heavier or lighter, life would be impossible.

5.) Earths Oxygen Level on Earth

If the earth had a lower oxygen level, the earth would be unable to sustain life. If the oxygen level was higher, the earth would be consumed in fires.

The fine-tuning of our universe points to an intelligent creator because of how precise our universe is.

In Calculating God, Robert Sayer writes this:

“It is either coincidence piled on top of coincidence,” said Hollus, “or it is deliberate design.”

So how is our universe so fine-tuned? Is it a coincidence or is their a designer?