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But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect. 1 Peter 3:15

Christian Apologist March Madness

In a now annual tradition, I place the top 64 Christian Apologists head to head in a March Madness Competition. This completion is open to all Apologists, and is a lot of fun. I have also created a qualifying system through my secondary Twitter account, @apologistpolls. Below you will find past results, and the current qualifying rankings..

2019CS Lewis (1)Michael BrownRavi Zacharias

2020 Qualifying Rankings

1 Seeds: Ravi Zacharias, Michael Brown, Gary Habermas, J. Warner Wallace

2 Seeds: Lee Strobel, Mike Winger, The Daily Apologist, Standardized Apologist

3 Seeds: Theologetics, Oklahoma Apologetics, Jude 3 Project, Apologia 411

4 Seeds: Jason Lisle, Sye Ten Bruggencate, Christian Evidence, Bible Quran

5 Seeds: Think Christianitiy, James White, Apologist Supreme, Fazale Rana

6 Seeds: Ray Comfort, Got Questions, Luke Wright, Natasha Crain

7 Seeds: Vocab Malone, Greg Bahnsen, Tim Barnett, Henry Morris

8 Seeds: Alvin Plantinga, Apologia Studios, Alan Noble, James Sire

9 Seeds: Brant Pitre, Calum Miller, Michael Licona, Brett Kunkle

10 Seeds: John Stonestreet, Carl Kerby, Friendly Beard, Wayne Grudem,

11 Seeds: Scott Klusendorf, Peter Kreeft, Mark Clark, Rebecca McLaughliin

12 Seeds: Hillary Ferrer, Daniel Wallace, Craig Blomberg, John Lennox

13 Seeds: Sean McDowell, William Lane Craig, David Wood, Capturing Christianity

14 Seeds: Hugh Ross, Frank Turek, Tim Keller, Timothy McGrew

15 Seeds: JP Moreland, The Poached Egg, Ed Freser, Vince Vitale

Play-in 1 Seeds: Whaddo You Meme, Norman Geisler, Story of the Cosmos, Sam Shamoun

Play-in 2 Seeds: Edwin Yamauchi, Abdu Murray, SJ Thomason, Josh Montgomery

Play-in 3 Seeds: Josh McDowell, Discovery Institute, Paul Copan, Inspiring Philosophy

Play-in 4 Seeds: One Minute Apologist, Mike Del Rosario, Andrew Schumacher, Applied Truth

Play-in 5 Seeds: Ex Muhammadan, Vernon Cupps, Francis Collins, Doug Wilson

Play-in 6 Seeds: Glenn Miller, James Holding, Greg Koukl, RC Apologist

Play-in 7 Seeds: Cerebral Faith, Hank Hanegraaff, Apologetics 315, J. Budziszewski

Play-in 8 Seeds: Invoking Theism, Ken Ham, Mars Hill Apologetics, Sy Garte

First 4 Out: Craig Reed, Apologetics Awareness, Andrew Straterlates, Nephilim Free

Next 4 Out: All about Apologetics, Five Minute Faith, Juan Valdes, Connect Apologetics

101-104: Evang Intelligentsia, God Apologetics, Del Potter, Apolo Jedi

105-108: Science Meets Faith, NOBTS Apologetics, Ryan Pauley, Intelmin

109-112: Social Apologetics, Faith Defense, Daniel Currier, Eyes on Apologetics

113-116: John Reynolds, John Frame, Jeffery Tomkins, Tim Clarey

117-120: Randy Guliuzza, James Johnson, Frank Sherwin, Brian Thomas

121-124: Alan Sheldon, Joel Duff, Bodie Hodge, Jorge Gil

125-128: Nancy Pearcy, Eitan Bar, Josh Beck, Blake Guinta,

129-132: Jordan Peterson, Reasons for Hope, Jacques More, Timothy McCabe

133-136: Apologetics ThugLife, Craig Hazen, Alex McFarland, J. Brian Huffing

137-140: Lisa Quintana, Richard Howe, Christian Defenders, Joshua Project

141-144: Ryan Anderson, Jonathan Sheffield, The Bunchernator, Walt Brown

145-148: Michael Wilkens, Scott Smith, John Dunfee, Deflating Atheism

149: Apologetics Index