The Daily Maverick posted an article that lists the “Five best reasons to not believe in God”. In this article, I am going to respond to them. So let’s get started!

1.) No Evidence

My first question would be what kind of evidence are you looking for? You can’t use the material to prove the immaterial. Also, there is no evidence that God doesn’t exist. To say that the only burden of proof is on the one who believes in God is ignorant.

2.) It’s Illogical

This argument is very similar to the first one. I think that it is a baseless claim. Has anyone offered any evidence contrary to God existing? I think not. Even if naturalism could answer every question (Which it can’t), it still wouldn’t provide evidence that God does not exist.

3.) The Preponderance of Suffering

God’s plan wasn’t for there to be suffering. God’s plan in the Garden of Eden was perfect, and if we played by the rules suffering wouldn’t exist. But we didn’t, and suffering is a consequence of our sin. Separation from God leads to suffering.

Additionally, if God doesn’t exist, there are murders and rapists walking the streets today that will never face justice. That would be a sad reality.

4.) We Don’t Need Him

Yes, most atheists are very moral people, but when Atheism gets into the wrong hands, there is a lot of danger. In Atheism, there is no objective standard for moral truth. Why did Stalin, Hitler, and Pol Pot set up Atheist governments? Because they could kill whoever they wanted and then they wouldn’t face moral repercussions for their actions.

5.) Life is Better Without Him

Is it? Our world is as secular as it has ever been, and incarceration rates are rising, suicide rates are rising, and depression rates are rising. A world without God is a pitiful one, and a world that I do not want to live in.

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