The “Empty Tomb” argument is one of the most powerful arguments at the disposal of Christian apologists when it comes to whether or not the resurrection happened.

In order to refute this evidence, atheists claim that Paul did not believe in the empty tomb.

The evidence for this is that in 1 Corinthians 15, Paul is trying to convince the Corinthians that the Resurrection is real and necessary for Christianity, but Paul never mentions an empty tomb. Therefore, since the empty tomb is such a strong point of evidence, Paul must not have believed that the tomb was empty and he was just trying to deceive the Corinthians.

Now, if Paul was trying to convince the Corinthians that Jesus rose from the dead, he would only have to say that Jesus rose in spirit but not in body. Of course Paul would not have had to said this because he, supposedly, already taught the Corinthians that Jesus said He would rise in the body and the spirit, so Paul would not want to contradict himself.

But the very fact that Paul is arguing for a bodily Resurrection implies that the tomb was empty. There can be no bodily resurrection without an empty tomb.

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