Atheism is changing. Many people believe that an Atheist is someone who does not believe God exists. While some Atheists will make this claim, most Atheists, especially New Atheists will not make this claim even though they line up with that claim epistemologically. Most Atheists today will say that they, ‘just lack a belief’ in the existence of God. With that being said, here are 36 questions for Atheists.

  1. Why is there something rather than nothing?
  2. Is there any evidence that suggests the universe is eternal?
  3. If not, why do Atheists hold onto the idea and say you have debunked the Kalam Cosmological Argument?
  4. If so, why do the vast majority of scientists reject this idea?
  5. Why is the universe so fine-tuned?
  6. If your answer is the multiverse, why is there no evidence for that theory?
  7. Is it possible that there is no natural explanation for the origin of life?
  8. Where does consciousness come from?
  9. Do you lack a belief that God exists or would you say that God does not exist?
  10. Do you lack a belief that Zeus exists, or do you believe that Zeus does not exist?
  11. If you just lack a belief that Zeus exists, why are you centuries behind the rest of the world who say that Zeus doesn’t exist?
  12. Do you act according to what you believe, or what you just lack a belief in?
  13. What evidence is there that Atheism corresponds with reality?
  14. Is Atheism a worldview?
  15. If not, what is your worldview?
  16. What would convince you that God exists?
  17. Are you willing to follow the evidence, even if it leads to a different understanding of how the universe works?
  18. If Jesus rose from the dead, would you become a Christian?
  19. If you wouldn’t become a Christian, why would you ever accept that he rose from the dead?
  20. Why do Atheists keep insisting faith is blind trust, when that’s not what Christians or the Bible say?
  21. Why do you want material evidence for an immaterial God?
  22. Is there a purpose to life?
  23. If there is, by what standard do you determine life has purpose? 
  24. If not, what is the point of listening to this video?
  25. Where does morality come from?
  26. How do you determine what is right and what is wrong?
  27. When a lion kills a cub from another pride because that’s what natural selection has raised it to do, is that morally acceptable?
  28. If evolution has put a sense of morality into us to help us survive, what makes our actions any better than any other animals actions?
  29. Is it morally acceptable for you kill a toddler because you can no longer financially support it?
  30. Is it morally acceptable to kill a fetus in the womb because you couldn’t financially support it?
  31. Is it morally acceptable to kill a baby after it has been born?
  32. How can you morally differentiate between a baby in the womb at 6 months and a baby born prematurely at 6 months?
  33. Who was Jesus?
  34. Why did his disciples die saying that he rose from the dead?
  35. Why does the Bible keep lining up with archaeology? 
  36. Why do the three bloodiest regimes in History, (Mao’s China, Nazi Germany, and Stalin’s Russia) come from Atheistic ideas?

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