A toxic relationship is a relationship that should not exist. One of the parties is being severely hurt by their involvement in the relationship and it would be in their best interests to leave. But how do you know if you or a friend are in a toxic relationship?

Here are 3 main signs that you are in a toxic relationship. These are not absolute, meaning that there are other signs, so keep that in mind.

1) It is not Christ Centered

If you are both Christians, and your relationship is not centered on Christ, then there is a very good chance that it is toxic. It may not even be toxic to you, but it could be toxic to your relationship with Christ.

2) Unhealthy Jealousy

A healthy level of jealousy is a good thing in a relationship. It means that you are invested and you do not want something to get in-between you two.

But, when jealousy becomes controlling, that is when you know that it is no longer based in your emotional investment, but in a lack of trust.

3) You do not feel safe

This is one of the most obvious signs that your relationship is unhealthy. If you do not feel safe, physically, mentally, or even spiritually with someone, then they most likely do not have your best interests in mind.

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