This question is part of the omnipotence paradox. The omnipotence paradox challenges the notion that God is all-powerful, but it is really more of a trivial paradox, than a serious question. Questions like this can be easily explained.

The Atheist will say that if God can create a rock so heavy that he can’t lift it, than God is not all-powerful (omnipotent), but if God can’t create a rock so heavy he can’t lift, then once again, he is not all-powerful. So supposedly either way, God is not all-powerful.

However, this question misunderstands the idea of omnipotence. When Theists say that “God can do anything”, we don’t mean literally anything. God cannot do the logically impossible, because God himself is logic. He cannot violate His nature, in the same way that I can only be myself, God can only be Himself. When we say God can do anything, we mean He can do anything that is logically possible and is within his nature. God creating a rock so heavy He cannot lift it is logically impossible. This is in the same category as creating married bachelor or a squared circle.

Power is the ability to make something happen. Therefore, God can do whatever is possible to be done that fits within his nature.

There are things such as creating a rock so heavy that He cannot lift it that God cannot do because he is all-powerful. If God is infinitely powerful, then it is impossible for him to create a rock so large that he cannot lift it. Any rock, at any size, could be moved by God.

God cannot create a square circle or a married bachelor. God can do what is logically possible, but not what is logically contradictory. There are also other things that God cannot do which are logically possible, such as sinning or being unholy. To do these things, God would have to contradict his nature, which is impossible. An all-holy Being cannot be anything but holy.

So can God do anything? No. God can do anything as long as it is logically possible and accords with his perfect moral character.

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