I want to start this post by starting with talking about my views towards Calvinism. I’m not a Calvinist, but I’m also not against Calvinism. I’m in the process of studying all of the sides and I am yet to come out with a conclusion. Through my studies, there have been a few questions about Calvinism that continue to come to mind.

These aren’t meant to be “gotcha” questions because I know Calvinists have answered all of these questions before. These are just some of my questions about Calvinism that I’m hoping can further the conversation and deepen my understanding of Calvinism. Here are three of the most pressing questions in my mind!

1.) If we are predestined to love God, can we truly love Him?

In all of my experience, love has been a choice. I choose to love my parents. I choose to love my best friend. I choose to love my sister. I don’t have to love them, I choose to love them. I could neglect them and stop caring about them, but I choose not to because I deeply care about all of them.

So, can we truly love God if we aren’t choosing to love Him? In other words, if I’ve been elected to be a Christian, doesn’t that mean I’m forced to love God? And if that’s true, it doesn’t seem like true love, it feels more like a parent saying you need to follow the rules.

2.) Why would God create people for eternal damnation?

The doctrine of Hell is obviously one of the most troubling doctrines for many Christians. In a universe where free will exists, I don’t have any issues with the doctrine of Hell. But if Calvinism is true, I have some issues with this question.

Why would God create someone, and then give them no choice but to suffer in eternal torment for all eternity? That doesn’t seem very loving to me.

3.) Did God Create Sin?

If we have no free will, it seems to be that God caused Adam to sin. Sin wouldn’t have been Adam’s choice, but rather it would be God’s choice for sin and death to enter the world. While I struggle with this question less than the other two due to understanding the omniscience of God, I still haven’t found a satisfactory answer to this question.


My hope is that through this short post a conversation could be started. I love my reformed brothers and sisters in Christ. I hope this post didn’t come across as rude, because I’m just trying to honestly seek truth. I ask from everyone reading this that you pray for me as I continue to seek truth, and hopefully one day I’ll come upon a Biblical conclusion to this seemingly timeless debate.

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