God of the Gaps is an argument that states that when there is a gap in scientific knowledge, then people who believe in God place God as the answer to that gap of knowledge. Skeptics would say that arguments such as the origin of the universe, the fine-tuning of the universe, and the origin of life, are just “God of the Gaps” arguments but science will soon find an answer. Here are 3 Arguments for God that are not “God of the Gaps.”

Origin of the Universe

Stephen Hawking said that science would find the answer to this question within the end of the century, but perhaps this question has been answered since Genesis 1. Science already has found the answer. If there is no God, then the universe would have exploded out of nothing. This is an established fact, so what is more credible? That the universe exploded out of nothing, or that God caused the universe to come into being.

Fine-Tuning of the Universe

The universe is remarkably designed and the odds of the universe are beyond astronomical. In fact, astrophysicist Hugh Ross said that the odds of all of the constants in the universe being the way they are is 1 to 10th to the power of 128! That is a larger amount than the number of atoms in the universe.

Why is this not God of the Gaps? Because the fine-tuning of the universe shows the intelligence of a creator. When you look at a painting with amazing detail, you cannot help but admire the artist, it is the same with the universe.

Origin of Life

Life is extremely complex. Even the simplest amoeba cell contains as much information as 1,000 encyclopedias!

Why is this not God of the Gaps? The origin of life shows the precision of a creator. How intelligent the creator must be for how amazingly designed we all are!


God is so great, powerful, and he can be seen through his amazing creation!


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