Darwinism is the predominant theory among a large portion of society and the scientific community today. Here are 5 questions to ask them about their views.

1.) Is macroevolution true?

We already know what they are going to say. This is a “lead-in” question. Please note the difference between microevolution (Differentiation in species) and macroevolution (New species).

2.)Do you believe that different groups of the same species can evolve faster than the rest of the species?

Once again this is a rhetorical question. 95% of the time the Darwinist will answer “Yes.” If they say no, then they would be rejecting scientific evidence.

3.) What is the most advanced group of humans?

This is where it gets tough for them because universally, humans are basically the same.

4.) If someone’s value is based on their reproductive potential, why do we try to keep the elderly alive as long as possible?

This is a tough question, that digs into the morality that Secular Darwinists can’t find an answer for. Potential response: They provide wisdom and guidance for the rest of the family unit.

5.) If someone is born with a genetic defect. Why should we not kill them?

I have yet to hear a decent answer to this question. The only intellectually honest answer that I have heard is the answer that was given by the Nazis and proponents of Eugenics. The sad truth is that if Secular Darwinism is true, those babies would be a hindrance to society.