Perhaps the most common theory among skeptics today regarding why Christianity gained so much traction so quickly is the idea that the disciples stole the body of Jesus after he was buried in the tomb.

There are many flaws in the theory.

First, the disciples were terrified after Jesus’ crucifixion. Once Jesus was crucified, the disciples locked themselves in a room.

Is it really possible that these same men who were terrified and hid after Jesus’ death would have the guts to steal the body? Roman soldiers were highly trained and if anyone would break into the tomb they would be executed for failing to perform their duty.

Additionally, what would the disciples have to gain by stealing the body? Power? They were outlaws for their faith. Money? Jesus told them to live humbly. Respect? Christians were ridiculed and killed for their faith.

There is no answer.

The disciples would go to their graves claiming that Jesus had risen from the dead.

The only reason that a group of disciples who had nothing to gain but everything to lose by boldly proclaiming Christ’s resurrection would be if it actually happened.

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