Most of the millennials have now grown up and a new post-millennial generation has taken root. What does this generation typically think about not just Apologetics, but Christianity in general?

We really do not like apologetics, or religion in general..

In fact, Zac and I are only two of a few people in the Post-millennial generation who are actually seeking to defend their faiths. From what I can see, there are a few common opinions that are nearly universal among my generation.

1) Apologetics are Boring

It has been well documented that my generation has the lowest attention span of any in record. Most of us struggle to sit through a 20 minute video, even if it is something that we are passionate about.

Compare this to how information is transferred in the apologetics scene. Debates and books.

Try and get someone in my generation to read a book, cover to cover, without using a website like Spark Notes or Schmoop so they can only read the summary of each chapter.

2) Apologetics are not Important.

Even though many Christians in my generation claim to be Arminian, their actions are far more Calvinist.

What I mean by this is that if we want someone to come to Christianity, we will pray for them and tell them that they should be Christian, but we are completely stumped by the simple follow-up question, “Why?”

We say “I am not responsible for them.” “If God wants them in heaven He will get them there, whether He uses me or not.” or something along those lines.

We also think that our faith is so strong that it could not be challenged by unbelievers, This stems from the pride that plagues my generation (myself included).

3) Apologetics are Hurtful

We are a very “Live and let live,” generation. Often times, we just want to do our own thing and leave others to their own thing. So when someone starts attacking our beliefs we feel bad, and we don’t like to feel bad. So, we aren’t going to attack the beliefs of someone else because then they will feel bad.

What can be done?

Well the idea that apologetics are hurtful will probably pass as we get older and more wiser, and anyone that thinks their faith can’t be shaken by someone will very quickly realize the importance of apologetics when their faith is shaken.

But it is very hard to increase someone’s attention span. So, apart from the obvious solution of my generation starting to pay attention to things for longer than 5 seconds, it would also be very cool to see different apologists try to make their content as entertaining as it is informative. Of course one should not sacrifice quality of information for entertainment value, but if someone is trying to reach my generation it may be helpful to try and meet us half-way.

That is what I am going to try and do. I am trying to make apologetics entertaining. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments.

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