Many atheists use the idea that God was so brutal in the Old Testament as justification for them to not believe in Him.

This whole argument is based on the idea that God is real and that He created all of us. So God is the Father of every single person.

Now if you have not read the article that Zac posted about the Canaanites I strongly suggest that you go and read that before continuing on, you can find it right here.

What if a father gives his son a new car for his 17th birthday, but the problem is that the son is completely irresponsible with the car. He is constantly putting others in danger and speeding.

The father should take away the gift that he gave his son. It is going to hurt the son, and the father would probably rather not return the car, but since his son poses such a threat to others, the father knows that it is best if he takes the gift back.

If we apply this logic to the idea that God gave the Canaanites the gift of life, then it was well within His right to take away that gift after seeing just how terribly it was being used (for more information about what they were actually doing see Zac’s post).

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