True, but he included them for purely devotional material. They did not hold the same authority that the rest of the books hold.

Luther had the “Apocrypha” or “Deuterocanon” in his Bible solely for devotional material. he considered them historically accurate, but not divinely inspired like the other, more credible books of the Bible.

“But he couldn’t do that, he didn’t have the authority…”

You’re right, he did not have the right to, by himself, take sections out of the Bible. But what he did have the authority to do, was have the opinion that certain parts of the Bible seemed to contradict far more credible parts. And he could definitely take these ideas to a council and to the Pope for review.

Oh, wait, no he couldn’t. If he even thought about leaving the protection of Germany he would have been run through with multiple arrows immediately. His ideas were also not given a fair trial by the church so why would this idea be any different.

“Still, he should have listened to the Council that obviously had more authority…”

If, even after the Council had affirmed the Deuterocanon as scripture and Luther still claimed that it wasn’t, I would be very interested to hear his reasoning for that belief. Luther was a scholar and a devout Christian and he really did want to submit to the authority of the Church, but because he saw fault in the logic and hypocrisy in the teachings of the church, he felt like it would be wiser to submit to the Bible, rather than the medieval church.

So, I believe that Luther saw some flaws in the justification of the deuterocanon by the Council of Trent, and if we are going to go purely off of the authority of the parties. I would probably side with Luther. He had an incredible amount of integrity and really was a godly man and if he was proven wrong, I think that he would have recanted.

In my opinion at least.

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