One of my good friends and I were talking recently about the church and he brought up a very interesting point about how we, as parishioners, judge our pastors.

He made the claim that the measure by which we tend to judge our pastors is the number of people in their church, and the amount of money that those people donate.

This should not be how it is done, and there are very few people that would actually claim that this is the best way to judge the effectiveness of a specific pastor. In fact, the pastors that are the most successful in these areas are often ridiculed because of the doctrines that they teach.

So why do we judge our pastors like this?

As humans, we have a need to judge others and compare others among their peers. Most people would prefer if we judged our pastors based on the depth and passion for Christ that they inspire in their congregation. But these are extremely difficult to judge so ignore these measures in place of much more earthly measures.

We need to start judging our pastors based on the fruits of their labor, by their people. We need to stop caring about the money and the number of people, and focus on the depth of those people and whether or not the teachings of the pastors are Biblical.

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