Atheists claim that life came from non-life, and this is the most scientific belief that one can hold.

Now, what is a “scientific belief?” I would say that it is a belief that has the most evidence for it, a belief that has been proven by experimentation.

Now, secular scientists claim that we will create life, that if you would just give them more time, they would find the right circumstances and all the right variables and create life.

Moving past the obvious, that in this situation, an intelligent being would still be creating life, I would like to point out that all of these secular scientists are sorely misinformed.

In fact, an experiment has just come into the light, and humans have created life.

In fact, as humans, we create life about 360,000 times a day!

Yep! In fact, we have been trying to create life from the very beginning. And we are pretty good at it.

There have been millions of experiments where humans have tried to create life artificially and no one has succeeded. There have been billions of “experiments” where we have tried to naturally create life, and it has worked unbelievably well.

Now you tell me which belief is more scientific: that life comes from life, or life comes from mud.

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