At first look, the Hindu God Krishna is very similar to Jesus. Krishna is the God of compassion, tenderness, and love in Hinduism.

Jesus and Krishna share many similarities, but when studied closely, you can see the obvious differences. There is no way that Jesus was copied from Krishna and here are 4 clear objections to people who claim the opposite.

Objection 1: The Names

Jesus, whose other name is Christ, is very similar to Krishna. So from an outside angle, it could seem like Jesus’ name was stolen. However, Christ comes from a Greek root and Krishna comes from a Sanskrit term.

Objection 2: Krishna was Born of a Virgin

While at first look, this may be the case, there are clear differences between Jesus and Krishna’s birth. First, Krishna’s mother, Devaki had already had 7 other sons, compared to Jesus being the firstborn of Mary.

Objection 3: Both Lived for 30 Years

Most scholars on Jesus believed that Jesus lived either for 30 or 33 years, but there is not the same consensus with Krishna. Traditional belief was that he lived for 30 years, but now other scholars argue that he lived up to 125 years.  

Objection 4: Krishna Resurrected after 3 Days

While both faiths claim to believe in their respective resurrections, Hindus believe that Krishna’s resurrection was spiritual and left his body behind. However Christian believe that Jesus was resurrected both spiritually and physically.

The evidence for Christ is truly amazing. What do you think?

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