If the Universe was created, then the creator must be one of two options, a pantheistic force that is described in religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, or a theistic God that is most similar to what we see from the Abrahamic Faiths.

In order to conclude which theory is right, we should be able to use the character of the different deities to determine how likely it would be for them to create the world.

The pantheistic creator stands nothing to gain from creation. There is no reason for a Pantheistic god to create the world since the world does nothing for the god. Simply put, why would you create something, only to lock it up in the attic for it to be destroyed by water and termites? There is no reason to create without a purpose.

Compared to the theistic idea of God, where He is personal and active in the world. In this theory, God has a reason to create the world, He wanted to give the creation that He loves a place to worship Him and to live their lives.

We can know that pantheistic gods do not care about worship because the religions that worship them place a far heavier focus on the concept of self within the follower than it does on the nature of the god.

In conclusion, there is no reason for a pantheistic god to create anything, while there is a reason for a theistic God to create. Therefore, if we acknowledge that the universe was created then we must also acknowledge that it was, most probably created by a personal, theistic God.

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