I have read a lot of different material over the past year in Aplogetics. Here are some of my favorite books! I reccomend them all!

Plus, if you buy one of these books with the link attached in this post, a portion of your payment will come back to me! So you can learn and support this blog at the same time!

1.) I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

This is a great book to learn the basics about Christianity and covers everything from arguments for the existence of God, to why the New Testament is reliable.

2.) The Case for Christ

If you have questions about the New Testament, this is your book! Great information about the accuracy of the New Testament!

3.) More than a Carpenter

Another great book for learning about Jesus and the amazing evidence for him!

4.) Mere Christianity

A C.S. Lewis Classic. A must read for beginning apologists.

5.) Evidence that Demands the Verdict

This is the most thorough Apologetics book out there. It covers every objection you can think of, in a scholarly way.

6.) Problem of Pain

C.S. Lewis once again masters the problem of pain and makes it simple enough for any reader to understand!

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